Cooperation Workshop

Submitted on Wed, 06/07/2023 - 15:27

On May 25th 2023, the HERA Coordinator Leonardo S.p.A, organized in Leonardo Plant in Pomigliano (Naples) a Workshop devoted to the Cooperation between Hera Project and the other Clean Aviation Projects. 

It focused on the co-creation of the synergies between the REG projects as an enabler to derive the most benefit at program level for the REG Thrust. 

The workshop, in fact, was joined by representatives from HER (Hybrid-electric powered regional aircraft) Pillar Projects: 

  • AMBER, GE Avio 
  • HE-ART, Rolls-Royce 
  • HECATE, Collins Aerospace 
  • TheMa4HERA, Honeywell 

from the HPA (Hydrogen-powered aircraft) Pillar Projects: 

  • HYDEA, GE Avio 
  • NEWBORN, Honeywell 
  • H2ELIOS, Aciturri 
  • HyPoTraDe, Pipistrel 
  • flHYing Tank, Pipistrel 

from CONCERTO TRA-02 (Dassault Aviation) Project and from the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking Regional Thrust Team Leader Antonello Marino. 

The workshop successfully proceeded versus the finalization of the Cooperation Plan among the Projects.