Scope and Methodology

HERA will perform two main parallel and complementary activities:
  1. Definition of the hybrid-electric regional aircraft concept targeting the 2035 Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) (Phase 1)
  2. Definition and assessment of real-scale demonstrators -in-flight and on-ground- to be performed after2025 (Phase 2)

The combination of the two technical activities will result in the typical A/C design steps to select the HERA configuration for 2035 EIS.

Aircraft design steps to select the HERA configuration for the 2035 EIS

HERA will define the regional aircraft architectures & technology integration for aircraft concepts ranging from regional to short-range targeting at the following key performances:
  • 50% Fuel burn reduction (technology based) compared to 2020 state-of-the-art aircraft available in service and measured as fuel kg per Available Seat Kilometer (ASK), or 20energy (MJ)per ASK as applicable, on a typical mission.
  • 90% emission reduction (net - i.e., including fuel effect)
  • Assessment whether the proposed concept achieve a Productivity index (Payload / Operative Empty Weight) ≥ 60% of 2020 state-of-the-art aircraft available for order/delivery
HERA WHOLE project Development scheme

HERA will go through the following phases in the overall HERA planning

Development CONCEPT DESIGN scheme

USCs concept TRADE-OFF and possible concept configuration

Development DESIGN scheme