The complex interactions between HERA, the Clean Aviation linked projects, Clean Aviation’s global impact assessment, and beyond, are managed by a dedicated transversal activity within the Innovation Management function of HERA. Such a management role will take care of relevant interactions between HERA and linked projects as well as project HERA results, assumptions, and constraints.

The three levels of impact monitoring assessment considered in HERA

inside HERA:

1 - Technology

  • identify the most promising technologies
  • evaluate the integration aspects and performance
  • trade-offs
  • contribution to documents and reports

2 - Aircraft/Mission

  • identify operational scenarios
  • assess mission profiles
  • models and simulations
  • technical, economic, and environmental performance in the mission profiles
  • impact of future limitations, such as new regulations, climate change, airspace segregation.
  • Contribution to documents and reports
Outside HERA within Clean Aviation:

3 - Fleet/ Scenarios

Consistent and shared assumptions and hypotheses on

  • New-comers
  • fleet/network evolution
  • Multimodality, intermodality
  • Infrastructures
  • rules, standards
Beyond Clean Aviation:

4 - Global Impact

  • sharing with traditional EU partners
  • collaboration with new independent actors
  • joint work environment
  • common approach to impact monitoring model philosophy
  • homogeneity of selected data
The Key HERA targets
  • 50% fuel burn reduction, technology-based, measured as fuel kg per Available Seat Kilometer (ASK), or energy (MJ) per ASK as applicable, on a typical mission
  • 90% emission reduction (net - i.e., including fuel effect)
  • Payload Index (PI) 60% of 2020 state-of-the-art aircraft verifying the first two targets
will affect three broad pillars of impact
  1. aggressive, measurable, early reduction of GHG emissions by aviation
  2. solutions to aerial mobility in the regional/short-range segment preserving aviation role and offering realistic solutions by the middle of the 2030s
  3. capability to involve and spread the expertise of new disruptive aviation solutions to the widest value chain community
Factors affecting the HERA impact within Clean Aviation and beyond
  • The factors affecting HERA impact are summarized schematically below revealing how HERA influences every aspect of aviation business and framework and reversely, they will steer or render feasible the HERA solutions.