Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz - Instytut Lotnictwa (ILOT) established in 1926, is a research center in Poland, that provides high-quality testing services, which offer new solutions to contemporary aviation, performing many design and research projects and scientific works, strictly focused on international cooperation, integrating with European Research Area and worldwide R&D domain.

Role in HERA

Tasks: Wing interface, Engine interface, Systems Architectures study, Certification concept integration, Nacelle and mounting interfaces, Support of Structural configuration study/integral composite structure, a novel approach to wind-tunnel model design, contribution to requirements development for a preliminary design tool for a new configuration. Experience from previous (SAT-AM, TRAIL, DREAM, CHRZASZCZ (Clean Sky2)
projects match with the above-mentioned tasks, as their main goal was to develop technologies for manufacturing lighter and cheaper airframes, while their reliability is maintained or increased and aimed to develop High Versatility and Cost Efficiency Investigated technologies. The knowledge base established during the projects and gained experience will help HERA to improve the performance of the structure (wing, engine, nacelle interfaces), cost reduction of the certification process, and answer the environmental topic requirements (Clean Aviation) and market needs.