The Technical University "Politecnico di Milano" (POLIMI) is the largest Engineering School in Italy. About 2000 students attend the Department of Aerospace Science and Technologies (DAER). Every year it masters roughly half of all the Italian aerospace engineers and several Ph.D. students. It has a global research staff of 14 Full Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 15 Assistant professors, and 14 technicians. The Department of Aerospace Engineering is equipped with different specialized laboratories for structural tests (buckling, fatigue, dynamics, GVT, and control), crash tests, and with a new wind tunnel. A vast experience in the field of structural dynamics and aero-servo-elasticity has been acquired and structural morphing through a wide range of basic and applied research, in cooperation with Italian and international industries and research institutions, as well funded by EU in the HORIZON and CLEANSKY programs, concerning several theoretic and experimental disciplines.

Role in HERA
The contribution of POLIMI to WP 6.3 of the HERA project is mainly focused on all the aspects related to the wind tunnel test verification of flutter/LCO conditions including the control law for flutter suppression already developed by ADS. POLIMI will offer the possibility to use the XDIA platform already available at POLIMI and will support the development and implementation of any other kind of wing model made available from the consortium aiming at the same goal.