ONERA is a central player in aeronautical and space research and employs over 2,000 people. Operating under the authority of the French Ministry of Armed Forces, its 2023 budget amounts to €289 million, over half of which comes from study, research and testing contracts. As the government expert in aerospace technologies, ONERA strives to prepare tomorrow's defenses, address the aerospace challenges of the future, and boost the competitiveness of the aerospace industry. It boasts skills in all disciplines and technologies used in aerospace applications. All the major civil and military aerospace programmes in France and Europe are rooted in ONERA's DNA, including Ariane, Airbus, Falcon, Rafale, missiles, helicopters, engines, radars, etc. Its world-renowned, prize-winning research scientists mentor many doctoral students.

Role in HERA

ONERA will be involved in WP5 (contribution to configuration explorations and supporting models in aerodynamics, structure, acoustics, and handling qualities), WP6 (demonstration strategy), and WP7 (design and analysis methods and tools). All these tasks are related to ONERA’s field of competence in terms of applied research to overall aircraft design methods and tools and disciplinary expertise in aerodynamics, structures, and performance, as well as its involvement in greener aviation especially through the study of hybrid propulsion concepts. These capabilities have been demonstrated through the long-term involvement of ONERA in national and European research programs, such as Clean Sky 2 AIRFRAMEITD
and LPA, and H2020 IMOTHEP, AGILE, and AGILE4.0 projects. Expertise will be brought from Information Processing and Systems Department (DTIS) for what concerns OAD software and trades (including HQ accounting) and design and optimization methods, from Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, and Aeroacoustics Department (DAAA) for what is relevant to aerodynamic design and aeroelastic and acoustics evaluation, and from Materials and Structures Department (DMAS) regarding structural design and testing.