Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade -ISQ- is a private Portuguese organization with over 55 years of experience working in engineering, technical and regulatory inspections, training, R&D, and innovation. Helping customers align their business objectives with relevant regulations and standards and meet their goals in the domains of quality, safety, asset management, environmental and social responsibility. ISQ provides and develops solutions for Oil & Gas, Energy, Aeronautics and Aerospace, Process Industry, Health, Mobility and Smart Cities, Transport and Infrastructure, and Agricultural Industries, in areas such as the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, in the development of new and innovative training and qualification contents to value People and Organizations, as well as in technical areas on the development of new combustibles and clean power production by the use of wind and solar.

Role in HERA

The role of ISQ in the HERA project is to participate in the activities of dissemination and communication, Electro-Mechanical conformity of systems, the elaboration of requirements related to the hydrogen infrastructure and aircraft operation at ground level, contribution regarding the LCA and its contributions to the top-level aircraft requirements, contribute to the hydrogen tank/storage preliminary specification, integration and safety requirements on the operation.