Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found on virtually every commercial, defense, and space aircraft. The Aerospace business unit builds aircraft engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity systems, mechanical components, and more. Its hardware and software solutions create more fuel-efficient aircraft, more direct and on-time flights, and safer skies and airports. 

Role in HERA

Honeywell will lead the interface with the Thermal Management system, in line with its role as Clean Aviation TheMa4HERA project coordinator. It is paramount to ensure that future Thermal Management Systems fulfill the needs of future regional aircraft that the interface with the aircraft as well as other systems are clearly defined to ensure smooth integration of the Thermal Management system. Consistent with the overall HERA approach, the work will involve model-based system engineering techniques to validate the compatibility of the Thermal Management System interfaces along the definition and validation of the future hybrid electric regional aircraft. As an engine and auxiliary power unit manufacturer, Honeywell also brings its vision of future power plants, in line with its coordinator role of Clean Aviation’s NEWBORN project focused on Fuel Cells.