HIT09 is an Italian SME created in 2010 as a spin-off company from the University of Padova, active in the field of design optimisation, simulations and code development for aeronautic and aerospace engineering. 
The main areas of business are:

  • design of components and systems for aircraft (engines, engine/airframe/wing integration, intake and exhaust systems);
  • integration of advanced propulsors into innovative aircraft architectures (UHBR and BLI engine installations);
  • application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to optimal design in aeronautics;
  • design and analysis of hypersonic vehicles;
  • advanced propeller design;
  • support to development of prototypes and testing;
  • CFD simulations of complex systems aerodynamics including high-speed flows.

In addition, HIT09 has a track record of participation in both public (EU) and private R&D projects in aeronautics mainly devoted to aircraft and propulsion design optimisation and complex fluid-dynamic numerical simulations including testing in wind tunnels.

In HERA, HIT09 will:

  • contribute to optimal design of both engine and wing interfaces, including high-lift devices;
  • support the design and sizing of the aircraft hybrid-electric configuration using AI-based tools;
  • contribute to flight technologies studies at aircraft level through multi-fidelity aerodynamic simulations.