EASN-Technology Innovation Services (EASN-TIS), a dynamic Belgian SME, stands as a key player in aeronautics and air transport research. Born out of the support from the EASN Association, EASN-TIS serves as a crucial bridge, actively participating in research projects and maintaining strong connections through the extensive EASN database. With a focus on collaborative endeavors, EASN-TIS plays a pivotal role in crafting successful research consortia by identifying and bringing together the most relevant partners from academia, industry, and major research organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Within the HERA project, EASN-TIS takes on multifaceted responsibilities. Spearheading a tailored dissemination and communication strategy, it ensures widespread adoption of project results, regularly publishes achievements, and enhances societal awareness. EASN-TIS also manages Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) positioning, develops business plans for joint and individual exploitation, and facilitates seamless information exchange with CAJU. Additionally, a succinct Data Management Plan is in place, emphasizing open data principles while respecting confidentiality and data protection. EASN-TIS's comprehensive role ensures the success and impactful outcomes of the HERA project.