Dream-Innovation SRL

Dream-Innovation SRL (Dream) is a young SME founded on 2013  mainly involved in the aeronautical field bringing together a team of high skilled international experts from different European R&D institutions. Its  competencies regard consulting, numerical analyses, calculations, simulations and experimental analyses, in different engineering fields (Structural Mechanics, Automation and Control, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Experimental Investigations, Software Design). Dream has several collaborations with the most important Italian and European Universities (such as POLITO, POLIMI, UNINA, SUN, UNISA, UNIROMA3, BOCHUM University, Imperial College, Institute de Macanique de Fluides) Moreover, thanks to the participation to several CleanSky2 projects, Dream collaborates with the most important European research centers and aeronautical industries. Key strengths of Dream are represented by the high level skill of the people involved and the reduced number of people involved. These two aspects make our work productive and efficient. In HERA, Dream will contribute to dissemination activities (WP1), fluid dynamic simulations of bays / compartments relevant to thermal problems (WP3), low- to high-fidelity CFD simulations (WP4), support to optimization and design of the wing and integration of the propulsion system (WP4), low- to high-fidelity CFD simulations and support to build statistical models for scaling (WP5) and contribution to system modelling and simulation of digital workflows by generating reduced order models (WP7).