Almadesign is a Portuguese design agency whose core competencies - product design – are focused on structuring methodologies for product development and innovation. Almadesign’s focus is innovation through design, based on the development of humancentric technology-based solutions mainly for Transports, Industrial equipment, and Digital Products.

Role in HERA

The alignment between the R&D capacity and the respective implementation is evidenced by the R&D projects in which the company has been involved - with greater intensity in the last 10 years, in which there are more than 10 projects carried out in co-promotion, but also in the projects of products and services developed and marketed by Almadesign customers.
At present, the company has more than 700 projects carried out in R & D + I, and more than 500 products sold by its partners/customers in the market, derived from the former, which attests to an excellent performance between projects carried out and commercialized.

Almadesign’s main tasks in the project are the following:

  • T1.2: Almadesign to contribute to the design of the “visual identity” to structure HERA brand.
  • T2.1: Almadesign to contribute to the integration concepts and design of the internal layout, fuselage cross-section, and layout of passenger accommodations (LOPA), based on expertise in legacy, hybrid, and electrical transport systems.
  • T5.1: Almadesign to contribute to support design activities by generating new aircraft configuration concepts that can integrate the proposed technological solutions (hybrid-electric systems and related architecture requirements) with cabin interior layouts, passenger experience, and airline service operations.
  • T5.6: Almadesign will contribute to the development of 3D visualizations of the different scaled aircraft/rotorcraft configurations, based on the developed hybrid-electric and related engineering systems. Visualizations will allow the verification of layout possibilities involving passenger and operational requirements.
  • T7.2: Almadesign will contribute to integrating passenger and operation requirements in the development of the preliminary design tool used for the design sizing and trade of different possible A/C configurations and architectures.
  • T7.5: Almadesign will contribute with the development of 3D visualizations for the Regional Operative Scenario, including 3D renders, infographics, and operational maps.
  • T8.4: Almadesign will contribute with the development of 3D visualizations for the Airport Infrastructural Impact, including 3D renders, infographics, and operational maps.